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Answering ODSP questions, one search query at a time.

Since my rather lengthy dealings with ODSP a few years ago, all of which can be read over here, I’ve been seeing more than several searches for things not even closely related to what I was posting about–but definitely related to ODSP. Which reminds me, I really should come at them with round 2 at some point, since Ontario’s ever so lovely government’s been looking to cut costs and all that. Some of these searches are in the form of questions that should probably be directed at these people’s social workers, provided said social workers possess at least a passable level in brain. Since they probably don’t, I’ll take to answeing the random ones here. Because it’s what I do. Like, say, this one.

May 10 2:57pm: i was hurt in a store, how does it affect my ODSP

Uh… you’ll get more? Unless your particular social worker’s being as cheap as our premier–well, where it matters, anyway. Then sadly you’re fubar. But don’t worry. It’ll all work out in the end. If your ODSP goes up, so will your hydro bill. And hey look, if your ODSP stays exactly the same, your hydro bill will still go up. See? Everybody wins.

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