The voices made me do it!

So, earlier today (that would be yesterday) I made brief mention, and bitched a fit at the same time, about our friend Andrea and her non-conviction that’s a load of crap. And now, she’s choosing to maintain that, in true 1960’s/70’s bad movie style, “the voices” made her do it. Apparently, voices in her head told her to drown her kids. Yeah, I already went on a take it like a cold-blooded killer kick about it, but… oh well. I don’t know what I find more surprising. The jury actually bought that defense, or the judge didn’t overturn the virdict. I *really* hope the prosecution plans to appeal. I’m not holding my breath, but… what the hell? I would wonder if the average American citizen is really that stupid, but recent election results tend to reply with a resounding yes before the question’s even out of my mouth. Oh good lord no, I’ve criticised the American people *and* their president in one post! I will never recover from the coming onslaught of hatemail! What ever will I do?


Anything and everything mentioned in this entry is true. Not because I said so, but because anyone who can prove me wrong is smoking something real good, and I want some. If only because there will be no arguing if we’re both just as high.

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