Mmmm… bacon. And beer. … Bacon beer? Only in America.

And apparently, only at the Great american Beer Festival–or, at least, that’s where it was discovered. In Denver, earlier this month. Forget the bacon and eggs as your hangover food. Now, it can be part of a complete smashing. Just add chocolate. Or don’t. Apparently, it goes just as good on its own. Now. Where’s mine?

  1. I wonder how well it would go with the pizza beer the dude from the Chicago area started brewing up a few years ago. I should check in with him. Haven’t heard anything out of him in a while. We used to email back and forth a little after I questioned the taste of his creation on the Comet. Seems like a decent enough dude. Never did manage to hook me up with a case, though.

    1. They put bacon on pizza, so I don’t see why not. Somebody aughta find out. Maybe they should compare notes?

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