I should not be allowed to think before 9, ever again.

Bad things happen. For example, yesterday. I went to work, which ordinarily wouldn’t be all that big a deal. Except I saw the exact same warning I posted about yesterday, in preliminary form, on Saturday. I guess I should have got the hint when the first three words of the warning are “near crippling snowstorm”, but again, shouldn’t be allowed to think before 9. So I went into work yesterday morning. And by about noon, we were talking about closing the office. So yes, I’m an idiot. But I survived. And now, I get to take down a list of names of folks I get to send emails to wondering exactly what crack they were on when they decided,, nah… it’s not gonna snow up here. You wimps can go to work. Yeah, about that. I think next time I’ll just preemptively book the day off. Thanks for a whole load of absolutely nothing, jackasses. You’re lucky I happen to like my job.

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