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As if blind people don’t already have reputation issues.

A guy I have the misfortune of having gone to highschool with has apparently decided we could always use some more negative publicity thrown our way. Keep in mind, he is *also* blind. I have no idea whatsoever if he’s just bored or what, but… well, he’s decided to rant in great detail about how cold hearted blind people are, particularly those in the US. Now, like I said, I went to highschool with this whack-a-mole. So I have absolutely no problem sending the below response directly to this idiot via email.

Subject: Your recording on sendspace.

This is a direct response to the blatant arrogance you unleashed upon the internet in the form of a much too long vocal rant against blind people in general, and those in the US in particular. Speaking as a blind person, though not a blind American, you have singlehandedly managed to prove whatever medication you’re on right now clearly is *not* working. You have also, equally singlehandedly, succeeded in pissing me off. I have it on very good authority this is not the first time you’ve lashed out with absolutely no reason whatsoever, save perhaps for your own self-gratification. Let me make this abundantly clear to you. Gratification time is officially and 100% over. You maintain a mental illness is by no means an excuse for what you’ve done in the past, only to revert to that exact same behaviour shortly after the release of this incredibly long-winded recording that now amounts to absolutely nothing. And, in the exact same breath, expect forgiveness for doing this exact same thing. Here in the real world, where you’re going to have to deal with living, it doesn’t work that way. Live with it. You wanna fly off the handle, you get to deal with the response. Either suck it up princess and move on, or cancel the internet altogether, and crawl into the nearest deep, dark hole you can possibly find. Either way, the grown-ups don’t have time for this crap. Where you see a crutch you can hide behind every time someone decides to give back what you’ve been giving, I see a pathetic attempt at looking for a scapegoat. Yes, I *will* circulate your message to every mailing list I’m on. And I’ll attach to it a warning that you do not belong on any list where casual discussion is expected of you. Furthermore, you may consider yourself blacklisted from any and all mailing lists run by myself. You made your bed. Nighty night.

If anyone else wants to chime in as well, go right ahead and do so (maheen.wickramasinghe@sympatico.ca). Quite frankly, he can use all the kicks in the head he can get. This, ladies and gentlefolk, is a classic example of exactly what your typical Canadian is *not* like.

PS: I’m not trying to be insulting of anyone who’s reading this *with* mental difficulties of their own. But, if you’re gonna blow up then whine because no one understands you… well, then I guess that email applies to you, too.


13 responses to “As if blind people don’t already have reputation issues.”

  1. I’ve seen that guy on several mailing lists, and he has been banned from many of them. I’ve found him to be one of the biggest asses to ever walk the face of the earth, and I’ve already had run-ins with the guy. It seems that he takes pleasure in causing trouble or something. It’s nice to know that I’m not alone in my opinion of him though.

  2. oh god, I have seen this guy before on lists and he is 100% batshit crazy. He joined a list that my husband was on and told everyone he was going to kill himself if people didn’t let him stay on the list. He is one sick dude. You went to school with him? Sorry, man. ugh!

    • The line forms behind me, girl. But don’t worry, I’ll let you borrow my cane. He could use a cluestick beating like there’s never been one before.

  3. oh, christ. I saw his name and instantly went hell no. i’ve seen his name on one of my lists, he does not talk to me, thank god.
    Yeah, some people have serious issues.

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