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  • Popular posts (September, 2010).

    It’s been a somewhat up and down month, both in what I’ve been up to and in reader activity. In the last few weeks, though, reader activity’s at least been moving in a more upwardly direction–I guess me not being as busy means there’s more up here for folks to
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  • Popular posts (August, 2010).

    Just because I spent a month out of the country doesn’t mean I didn’t find things to blog about. Or mock. Or snicker at. Yeah, it’s been a hell of a busy month. And, once I got back through the door of this apartment, my first thought was “holy shit
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  • Popular posts (July, 2010).

    Holy freaking busy. And I do mean busy. For a small sampling of what I mean, have a look through previous posts. Or, wait until the popular posts for this month gets tossed up. In the meantime, here’s what caught people’s attention in July–a surprisingly way less busy-ish month, considering.
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  • Popular posts (June, 2010).

    Always up for a party, we ended the month–and began this one–with several smaller ones. If you’re not in a party mood and aren’t up for the whole Canada day thing, sit back with something cold and have a look at what people nearly as bored as me found of
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  • Popular posts (May, 2010).

    Not even officially summer yet and I’ve had to keep the remote to my AC close by. This isn’t pretty. If you’re sweating it out like I am, here’s a nifty little way to keep semi-cool. crack open something cold–I recommend a bottle of rum–and have a look at what
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  • Popular posts (April, 2010).

    It’s been one piece of news after another the last few weeks, some of which weren’t spent in the relative safety of my non-secure apartment building. Still, I found the time in the last few days of April to get one last blog in. So, here, have a late compilation
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  • LiveJournal tries to be cool, impresses me in the process. Welcome, google Analytics!

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    As anyone who’s been following my ramblings for a while knows, I’m a recent and still in progress convert away from LiveJournal. To this day, I still blog on that site as Arinoch, though now it’s more a duplication of the content you’d usually find on this site. One
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  • Popular posts (March, 2010).

    Surprisingly, it’s been a fairly inactive/unproductive month. Very few jobs to look for, in spite of the whole theory that says the economy’s bouncing back, but plenty of time to spend with the girlfriend, the nephew, my now eliminated hockey team, and everyone else. I’ve even gotten a tiny bit
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  • Popular posts (February, 2010_.

    Slightly more activity than is usual snuck up on the blog in February. Not that there was a whole lot of activity here to begin with, so there’s your comparison. Here’s what folks have found interesting when they came my way.
    • February was olympic month this year, and the resulting
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  • Popular posts (January, 2010).

    January’s been an interesting/exciting/entertaining month, to be sure. Definitely more entertaining than I figured it could be, what with mom’s unplanned trip to the hospital and all–she’s very well recovered now, by the way. Other folks found things interesting in January, too. Have some highlights.
    • Every geek should have a
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