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  • Dear Amy. It was a wrong number. Signed, God.

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    Most of you have probably already seen some variation of this. The owner of Amy’s Baking Company, in arizona, figures cooking is what she was born to do. She remains so convinced of this that she started, with help from her husband, a restaurant. Just one problem. Pretty much … Read the rest

  • Why I’d never do well in politics. Thank heavens I’ve never tried.

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    I’ve always had a passing interest in politics. Mostly in the following of things. Occasionally, I’ll find some aspect of a party or a specific member that I agree with–but more often than not, I find something to mock. It’s why I’ve never considered myself really right wing, left wing, … Read the rest

  • An open letter to Charles Sousa: Please don’t fubar ODSP.


    I’m a little late to the party, but welcome to the fold, Charles. Taking over the finance ministry after the hot mess of the last, oh we’ll say 10 years can’t be what you were looking for when you ran for office. But, I suppose congratulations are still in order, … Read the rest

  • Beware corporate spying from China! … Or maybe not.

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    I’m going to blame the fact everything these days seems to be political when coming out of the US, even if it really doesn’t need to be. Because honestly, that’s about the only reason I can think of for a congressional committee, based on not much other than it wanted … Read the rest

  • The conspiracy theorists have found me. And ya know what? They’re kind of adoreable.

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    There’s whacky, messed up spam, there’s loopy conspiracies, and then there’s whacky, messed up spam dressed up to look like loopy conspiracies. I’m used to hearing all about them on TV, or the radio, or reading about them in $newspaper–see: Alex Jones, meltdown of. But this is the first … Read the rest

  • Guns, CSI, murder novels good. World of Warcraft bad. got it?

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    Oh, I wish I could have come up for air long enough to snerk at this when it actually happened. But I was tailspinning all over the place trying to catch up from previous tailspins all over the place. So I completely missed–or rather, set aside and completely forgot about–the … Read the rest

  • Please, by all means, be idle no more.

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    For anyone not living in Canada, or anyone living in Canada who’s decided now would be a fine time to secure themselves under a rock, it might have gone missed that, for lack of a better way to put it, the natives are getting restless. They’ve started a series of … Read the rest

  • Probable cause is so 2000, y’know?

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    Every couple months, something new and interesting crops up that makes me quite glad I’m not actually a US citizen. A recent example, following the federal trend, comes out of California–who’s governor has vetoed the hell out of a bill that would have required law enforcement to actually, you know, … Read the rest

  • It’s time to watch the TSA quite handily mock themselves. Again.


    I don’t do nearly enough of these. As evidenced by the stack of mock-worthy pages–or rather, pages that pretty much mock themselves–currently sitting here, staring at me, and waiting for me to get around to them. Now, granted that stack got a little bit bigger just this morning, but hey, … Read the rest

  • Well slap me in the face and call me a terrorist–I’ve mocked the government on twitter.

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    The US army has apparently been borrowing the Transport Security Administration’s (TSA) definition of a terrorist. That’s the only explanation for why use of a social network, like Twitter, could be considered a sign of radicalization. Also, apparently, so could complaining about bias, or even if you’ve changed your … Read the rest

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