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  • Unexpected Victoria day cellebrations, and fun with .wav files.

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    Sometimes, my apartment has the weirdest benefits. I blame living in a small town. I was treated to a rather unplanned–at least, I didn’t plan it–fireworks show for the May two-four weekend. Or, as we call it up here, the Victoria day weekend. It didn’t last entirely too long, but … Read the rest

  • Who needs air conditioning? This place has it all natural like.

    Thing about having a basement apartment, even if it’s in a building that lacks certain important features–like, say, security–is you have certain built-in benefits at no extra cost, be it for electricity or the extra convenience. Like small-time central air. I think it’s a law internal to the building. Usually, … Read the rest

  • Apparently, my neighbour’s cat is broken. Badly.

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    I haven’t been spending a whole lot of time in this apartment, particularly when compared to how long I’ve been paying rent on it. But, there’s one very noticeable thing that always seems to be present every time I am. A very bad-sounding, apparently constantly in heat, cat. I didn’t … Read the rest

  • Why my next apartment will be in a secure building.


    I spent almost 4 years in Ottawa, on the third floor of a three-story building you couldn’t get into without buzzing in, or having a key for the front door–this on top of the key you had for your apartment. Jessica’s building in Rochester takes it a step further, needing … Read the rest

  • So that’s where all the semi-cheap apartments went to.


    For about two or three months before I moved to Pembroke, I scouted the apartment listings for a halfway decent place that doesn’t knee me in the wallet. The very few places I found that didn’t were, well, closets. My room during my time at Algonquin College was considerably bigger–they … Read the rest

  • Life has decided I can’t do laundry.

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    Unless I’d like to devote half my small amount of spending money to cab fair, laundromat fairs and replacing half the supplies I don’t get back from the said laundromat, apparently. At the beginning of the year, I discovered this building’s dryers rather suck when it comes to actually, you … Read the rest

  • The return of the pot-smelling basement.

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    My apartment in Ottawa had its moments of sheer and utter amusement. Not the least of which is the lower floor that, after about midnight or so, took on a decidedly potlike quality. Usually I only happened to notice because I was, as always, up at that hour–only doing laundry … Read the rest

  • How’d I get here?

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    I keep threatening to do that post about what the hell happened to me since the last time I was actively blogging (Um, LJ-ing, perhaps?). Well, consider this my attempt at doing so. I’ll warn you in advance there will probably be things that get missed–it *has* been about 4 … Read the rest

  • Random thing about this here apartment building.

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    This just started earlier tonight, but every so often, I’ll hear what sounds like someone/thing hitting the cieling below me. Except, it/they only bang once, and then that’s it. It happens by the sounds of it every couple hours or so. Apparently completely at random. I are having none of … Read the rest

  • Hey, landlord? RBC? Have a clue.

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    Dear landlord: why in the name of everything did you wait until *now* to tell me the bank decided I’m too poor to pay my rent? I understand the banks are generally run by morons with approximately half the IQ of my biggest pimple, but I honestly expected something resembling … Read the rest

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