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In which Time Warner does the one thing the borg never could.

Only after reading a Techdirt article could I come up with a title like that. Of course it may also have something to do with the fact the caffeine isn’t doing what it used to, but we’ll pretend that doesn’t enter the picture. Time Warner is well known for service that ranges anywhere from absolute suck in a bag to honking so damn bad even the government goes cringe. But we learn today that at least there’s no special treatment for cellebrities in TWCLand. How do we learn this? By watching Patrick Stewart try and ultimately give up on getting service through TWC. No, I did not just mistype over here. The guy what played the guy what defeated the borg, at least until Voyager, has been bested by the damned cable company. See? All this time yall have been up for assimilating humanity and you’ve been doing it wrong. No wonder you got your asses kicked. Twice. And yes, we’re ignoring the apparent continuity problem star Trek develops with that storyline–that was Voyager’s one redeeming quality. It also makes very good material for an ultrageekish style post. Which this is not. I just found it mildly overly amusing. And probably only 4 of the people what read this will know why.


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