Not a good time to put the customer first, Time Warner.

Every so often, I’ll find a reason to slag on some company or another for craptacular customer service. Or amazingly failful equipment that requires I be in direct contact with their craptacular customer service. Time Warner has been stepping up efforts to correct that, and put the customer first, lately. Which, I suppose, made for bad times when one of their employees, while at her desk, had the nerve to die on the spot. Not to let an opportunity to extend amazing customer service go to waste, Time Warner insisted a coworker stop CPR on the woman and get back to taking calls. Now that, right there, is awesome customer focus. See, AT&T? If you took that mentality you might not be dead last in most customer related categories. You might be dead last in a couple others, like, say, employee safety, but hey, them’s small potatoes. Just ask TWC.

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