Because nothing’s free, don’t ya know.

Some people just deserve the brainless award. A girl at a Tim Hortons gave a free timbit to a toddler to stop them from throwing a fit in the store, and was promptly tossed for it. Um, customer service, anyone? She was, naturally, re-hired at a different location, but… blurg. If I lived in London, I’d be doing my research on exactly which store it was she was fired from and promptly advertizing anywhere else. Yay for a company that actually gives a damn about its employees. But… methinks said company should probably give a damn about firing some of its managers. Or maybe I’m just being too logical. Y’know, assuming good customer service isn’t a direct violation of policies. Kinda reminds me of some of the policies we had when I was in Dell’s software support department. Will probably find something amusing about that when I’m no longer working here.


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