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And folks wonder why people don’t lend a hand anymore.

I wrote a couple years ago about a tim Hortons suck in which a server, after having the nerve to give a kid a timbit to shut him up, ended up tossed from her job. That’s minor, but still worthy of the WTF award. Not so minor, and just as worthy of this year’s WTF award, say hello to your local Subway, Nova Scotia.

Apparently, there was a pretty heavy apartment fire in Dartmouth that resulted in at least one–possibly more than that–homeless couple. A Subway employee, knowing they pretty much didn’t have a whole lot on them except what they were wearing, made them a sub with the intent of charging it to her employee plan. She was promptly tossed.

Now, I get it–every company’s gotta make top dollar or hell’s gonna freeze or something like that. But, come the hell on. Do a nice thing for someone who just got the royal crap kicked out of them by something beyond their control, why in hell should it cost you your job? I don’t think it would have killed the local Subway to eat the cost of those two things, even if she hadn’t meant to buy it for them. Apparently, they disagreed.

She did get hired somewhere else, fortunately–unlike my Tim Hortons story, not within the same franchise but rather the local Quiznos, so at least the fire victims’ suck didn’t entirely become her suck. But still, you gotta wonder if part of this is why people are more hesitant to help each other out now than they would have been, we’ll say, 30 years ago. If doing a favour for someone who needed it was gonna end up losing me my job, I might be inclined to think twice, personally. Particularly in an economy where jobs are kind of at a premium right now. Whole new meaning to the expression “don’t do me any favours”.

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  1. Living in the area, I can say that there were more than just that one homeless couple.

    The Subway employee happened to live in the same apartment building that burned, but her apartment was untouched.

    She did a nice thing for her neighbors; I was enraged to hear she got fired for it.

    This is yet another reason I won’t eat at a Subway (beyond my issues with their food): there’s a small *independent* local sandwich shop with 34 years in business under their belts.

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