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T Hos lifts the highschooler ban, highschools become babysitters?

If I were still in highschool, I’d probably be given a bit more reason not to be. Now, I think I’ll start planning my coffee runs based on how close the Tims is to the local highschools. A tim Hortons restaurant made the rather smart decision to force highschool students to buy their shit, and get the hell out of the way so people that matter can actually enjoy their coffee/lunch/breakfast in peace without having to fight with a potential dropout who’d rather hang out at Tims than go to class for a table. Of course, then they went and reversed that decision, proving anyone will cave if enough people cry about it. Of course, now the highschool who’s students were crying about the ban has decided to stick its staff in there over the lunch hour to keep the kids from being proper terrors. So basicly, I give it a week and they’ll go terrorise and subsequently be banned from the local McDonalds. But at least they’ll keep their relationship with Tims squeeky clean. Which is really all that matters, right? When I was in highschool, I went to the Subway halfway across town because the highschool irritated me. with this rather… idiotic decision, I wouldn’t blame anyone for avoiding Tim Hortons like the plague now, just for the simple fact of it’d feel like an extension of the highschool. Which I, personally, was trying to avoid. But that being said, even now, not being in highschool, I’ll avoid that place if ever I find myself in this particular area, just based on the fact that… uh, well, duh–I’m not in highschool. So why would I bother going to some place where it’s being monitored by the highschool staff? What, pray tell, if you so kindly could, would be the point in that? Oh–right, there is none. Go back to banning the highschoolers. Make it a chain-wide ban. It’s good for business. Trust me.

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