And you have problems with ‘vagina’?

I know, I know, I don’t blog for a week and this is the best I can do? Well, I’d originally planned to go into detail on how I’ve transferred the processing of all the email I get away from DreamHost, but that hasn’t actually happened yet, so deal. Anywho. From the only in small down New York department comes this month’s most moronic move thus far. A highschool has decided, just on the off chance there might have been kids in the audience, it would suspend 3 students for saying the word ‘vagina’ while reciting a portion of The Vagina Monologues. Okay, so explain to me what the problem is? I’d understand if this was, say, 10 years ago… you know, when kids at least gave the impression they’d never heard such things. But today? I’ve overheard conversations between some fourth-graders that involved more swearing per person than Buttercup on a bad day. And a highschool had a problem with that one word? If kid’s old enough to understand what’s being talked about, they’re probably already *saying* a hell of a lot worse. I’m glad I’m not actually in highschool anymore, to be blatantly honest. Public education systems nowadays piss me off. Hell, public education systems when I was going there pissed me off. And speaking of going, I’m going to get ready for work. Night shift time.


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