This is why I don’t get people.

A Mississippi family has spent the better part of this month being subjected to varying forms of harassment from everyone from their nextdoor neighbours to the local law enforcement folks, at least according to a post on LiveJournal that was linked to via this blog. The synical part of me wants to cry extreme fake, but really, if any part of this crap was actually made up, at the very least the author of the posts in question (find a brief intro and a list of relevant posts here) should get an award for creativity. But if it’s not, it’s a very good example of why I don’t understand most people–particularly most people from way down south. From one of the posts on the issue:

I currently live at

591 Hwy 41 E
Okolona, MS 38860

Catherine Young’s old trailer is next door.

Someone probably thinks i saw something or someone over there I should not have.  Having me committed would discredit me as a witness.  Please circulate this post.

I’m not sure whether or not I believe the whole of what’s posted, but if it is/was going down the way it looks, and if indeed no one in the family has a clue why, then this brings a whole new meaning to WTF. Of course, if it’s complete and total BS then the only WTF-worthy question is why in the hell the author would go through posting something like this in the first place. Still, if you’re feeling helpful and are in the area, I’m sure the family here would greatly appreciate it. Meanwhile I’ll just be over here shutting up that little voice in my head. At least until I can prove it’s right. And if this is really going on, someone kindly delivering an ass kicking from me would be hugely appreciated.

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