TSA finally states the obvious: “We can’t actually see what we’re looking for.”.

I could write a small novel on the WTF that is the US’s Transport Security Administration(TSA), but the truth is it probably wouldn’t even come close to scratching the surface. Besides, the most recent TSA admission courtesy of Techdirt sort of does it for me.

While the TSA is still fighting as hard as possible to be able to either see you naked or touch your private parts, apparently it hasn’t spent that much time actually figuring out how to look for people carrying weapons onto planes. A few folks have sent in this ABC story about a man who boarded a plane with a loaded handgun that had been in his carry-on bag. The guy noted that he normally carries the gun in his bag, but takes it out before traveling — he just forgot to do so and was pretty spooked when he realized he had the gun on him (he reported the incident to the TSA upon landing).

But even more scary than that is the article notes that the TSA admits that it’s really bad at finding weapons, saying that the “failure rate” of tests is reaching 70% at some major airports and at some airports “every test gun, bomb part or knife got past screeners.” So, while scanners are looking at or touching your crotch, they’re apparently not bothering to look for guns. Comforting.

And yet, we’re supposed to just trust the scanners. Yeah, no. Sorry. I’m still sticking with Greyhound, thanks. Now not only do the terrorists know they’ve spooked you, but they also know you still suck at doing what you’re supposed to be getting paid for. Is this why millitary inteligence is considered an oxymoron? Methinks yes. Oh well, at least they’re finally admitting it. Small progress and all that.

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