Protesting the TSA’s stripsearches by stripping? Okay, that’s new.

The US Transport Security Administration (TSA) loves their naked body scanners. Or being able to feel you up if you don’t feel like letting them scan you. And I love poking at the TSA when one of those tactics rather, um, blows up in their face. But this is kind of a new one. Hell, I wish I’d suggested it.

John Brennan is a resident of Oregon who apparently decided he was tired of the TSA’s escentially wanting to stripsearch folks. Presumedly including him. So as a matter of protest, and I’d argue a rather creative one at that, he gave the TSA exactly what they wanted–himself, naked. The TSA’s answer? Have him arrested for indecent exposure. Turns out that didn’t go very well, though, as the case was tossed for first amendment reasons. And here in security theater free Canada, we call that a win win. John got to be heard, the TSA got a good look at him naked, and I got mockery. Oh yeah, and somebody somewhere got to file it away for this year’s list of dangerously harmless people and things caught by the TSA.

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