I’m about to complain about the TSA. Somebody call the FBI.

This entry is about to get me added to the Transport Security Administration’s suspicious character list. Along with everyone else who’s ever had a small problem with the way they do things. From the “reasons I won’t fly” department, the absolute best justification for ever having had to grope a 6-year-old kid, of all things. And by best, I mean Worst. justification. ever. “It’s standard operating procedure.” Really, TSA? That’s the best thing you guys could come up with? Did you even try? Parents teach their kids to throw a major fit when random people they don’t know try touching them in places they shouldn’t be, and you give us… that? I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again–if you’re going to come up with a line of bullshit, at least make the damn thing reasonably good. On the bright side, we’ve discovered more than just their security scanners are shamefully useless. Now. Where’s this open government Obama was so big on for the last, oh, forever?

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