Well slap me in the face and call me a terrorist–I’ve mocked the government on twitter.

The US army has apparently been borrowing the Transport Security Administration’s (TSA) definition of a terrorist. That’s the only explanation for why use of a social network, like Twitter, could be considered a sign of radicalization. Also, apparently, so could complaining about bias, or even if you’ve changed your choices of entertainment recently. come on, Steve and Carin— you guys weren’t always into the comedy scene. I knew it. Also on their list: being frustrated with mainstream ideologies. So yeah–all those entries up here mocking the governments on both sides of the border? Yeah. Should probably delete those. And their asociated tweets. Oh, and the conversations on Twitter I’ve been involved in re: certain government policies–ah hell, I should just delete my twitter. Or the US army could just, you know, stop copying the TSA. So where’s that delete button…

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