Because you just can’t say no to free stuff.

Well, I can’t, anyway. I get emails from Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment, to do with everything from the results of the last game to major trading/other such news relating to my team. Yes, even though the said team couldn’t play their way out of a game with a 25 nothing lead lately. Occasionally, those emails contain free stuff. This free thinggy came from Sirius Canada. Ordinarily, I can’t aford to go throwing money away on something I may or may not like, so this was halfway decent timing on their part. So now, I have 2 weeks to play around with it and see if it’s something I might want to contemplate paying for, should I come up with the money to do so. And now, because I’m good like that, so do you. If you’ve wanted to give their online version a try and didn’t want to pay for it, just fill out this form and enter promo code “leafs” if it isn’t already entered for you. Then, they’ll email you a password and you’ll have two weeks to play. So far, I’m undecided. After two weeks, we shall see.

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