Toskala and Raycroft score hat tricks, Leafs lose.

Vesa Toskala and Andrew Raycroft lead the team in goals for the season, after another 4 and 3 tonight, respectively, in the Capitals’ 7 1 spanking of the Maple Leafs. In a postgame interview, Toskala said of his performance, “well, we sent out the usual wake-up notice that we had a game tonight, but apparently that one got lost in the mail… so we had to get creative. We decided to tag team Ovechkin and the gang Together, we knew we could pull our team’s numbers up.” Sadly, these were the only two hat tricks recorded tonight by either team, although Ovechkin would have corrected that had they carried a third goalie. In other news, Leafs management is rumored to be looking to bring back Tellqvist from Phoenix. When asked about this, a spokesperson only replied with, “Well, you can never have too many high scoring players. Even if they’re all goaltenders.”
This attempt at putting a positive spin on a serious ass kicking brought to you by the avoid cheering for Ottawa club. Because really, what’re they good for?

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