The unknown element is still unstable.

Vesa Toskala. The man some have pinned their hopes and dreams for this season on. The man who, in spite of the fact he’s still not got a whole lot in front of him–we just happened to score more goals on Saturday, that’s all–still pretty much proved 2 losses against Ottawa still doesn’t mean we’re tanking the season. The man who, as of right this very minute, has given me absolutely no reason as yet to actually fall in love with the guy. Not helped in the slightest I’m sure by having been ker-shmucked by a team who, last year, *did* tank the season. And why? Well, I wanna blame the new guy–‘cuz that’s just what I do. but really, he’s the last line of defense here. granted I didn’t exactly watch the game tonight–have I mentioned lately I hate, hate, hate that I can’t get half these games, even for 10 minutes, from work? But, that being said… what the hell? Why, for the love of God, did we have little to nothing going all night? Defensively, *or* offensively? Can *anyone* explain that to me? I mean, granted I’m going by Yahoo’s ever so explanatory description of the game–it’s all I have until I plunk myself down in front of a TV, sue me–but really. If the way to the net was as open most of the game as I’m getting the impression? Oh. My. Freaking. God. Just call off the season now. It’d be less painful. And all you Vesa supporters (I’m looking at you, Boonmaster, I challenge you. If you really think he’ll do any better than Raycroft, which at this point is doubtful and growing less likely, prove it. Bets are open in the comments. Not that I think Raycroft’s the starter of 07-08, but… neither’s toskala if we wanna go cup hunting. Or at least make the first round. And that’s the opinion of a Leafs fan stuck in Ottawa.


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