Blackhawks 3, Maple Leafs 2.

Yeah, I know, a day late and a ddollar short–they’re desperately trying to lose another one. But, at least I’m doing it. My reason for its lateness is for another post.

I caught the majority of last night’s game this morning. And didn’t like very much of what I saw, really. When I turned it on, they were already down by two and hadn’t scored yet–story of our lives this season, it would appear. They managed to make it a semi-interesting game heading into the third, but… well… yeah. They had nothin’. Up side, Phil Kessel scored, yet again. Twice. Down side, Vesa Toskala missed 3. And the one I saw him miss he shouldn’t have. Brian Birk’s on the phone to North Carolina as I write this asking what he can trade for the league basement. We, meanwhile, are hoping for a small miracle. Can we have next season yet?

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