Penguins 4, Maple Leafs 1.

You just knew it was going to be a very bad night after the game should have been 2 1 Leafs. A shot went off the toronto goal post, and less than 15 seconds later, we drew a penalty shot. Or did we? Nope, say the on-ice officials. They say the post shot went in instead. And, due to some obscure rule about there not being allowed to be 2 goals on one stoppage of play, the penalty shot was pretty well kissed goodbye. We never saw a chance to equalize since. And we were even sort of actually trying this time. Not cool would be putting it rather… well, nicely.

Last time

we had better luck last time, coming out on top 4 3 and at least pretending like we could put together a winning routine. Of course, we couldn’t, but we tried to make it look like it anyway. Now, here’s hoping we can at least pretend to pull it together for Tuesday. We play the Hurricanes again, and so far… well, we’re not impressive against them, either. And yeah, as Mike already suggested, let’s just altogether stop playing Buffalo. That might help too.

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