Alright, you lose.

Welp, it’s happened. I’ve officially called it quits in waiting for Protus to get back to me about whether or not I’ll actually be working there any time between now and the next decade. I’ve been playing phone tag with this one HR dood since July, and have pretty much gotten just about nowhere. So, it’s off to search for things I can actually use. Like, say, a job not too unlike this one, which I’ve just submitted an application for. I don’t expect I’ll hear from these people, but at least I’m still looking, and in more places. I’ll probably also go about the business of taking Trish up on her offer to refer me to her temp agency. Here it is coming into October, and I can count the total of potential job leads I’ve had on one hand. That just ain’t cool, folks. So, technology company gets given the big fuck you, and I contemplate selling my soul to the government for decent hours and an even more decent pay. So who wants to be the first one to tell me I’ve gone fucking insane?

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  1. You are insane, but we knew this already.
    Now, i’m insane for contemplating going back to school. Well, not right now because I’m thinking of going to fanshaw and staying off campus because res is fucking expensive, but eventually. in the next five years or so. When I know people aren’t gonna go postal. They have a kickass B.A. in applied music thing. Can we say music industry for meee? I think yes. Even though the course load will probably kick my ass, and I do not have the grades to get in, it’s nice to think about it.

    • You can probably get away with some kind of an equivalency test or something. You’ve been out of school for like 9-10 years, and are over 21, so see what your options are.

      • I’ve been out of highschool for that long, yes, but not actual school, as in college. that’s only been about four years damn, time flies.
        But i should find a link to this sometime and show you, because holy awesome but confusing program.

        • It doesn’t matter. You weren’t taking a related course anyway so the credits from that particular course wouldn’t help you. Besides, you’re still over 21. They have mature student rules.

  2. Maybe that’s best. There comes a time when even squeaky wheel doesn’t work.
    I think your insanity has already been established. LOL! But I love you anyway.

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