Decade? What decade?

I heard a nasty little rumor last night while I was busy not caring that today marks the start of a new decade. Half an hour later, they were saying the decade starts next year at this time. Now, though, they’re all kinds of confused and not sure when it’s supposed to start. And me, personally? I’m wondering what the hell it matters. It’s just another year at the end of the day. Or should I say at the end of the party. You’re still going to wake up after the new years day hangover and return to your usual routine with the usual results. The only real difference is exactly how long the hangover really lasts. So I have to ask, does it really make a hell of a difference whether this or next January 1st is the beginning of a new decade? No, I didn’t think so. So, whether or not your decade starts today, may your hangover not last until tomorrow. And if you’re going to insist the decade starts today, do it over there. And you folks who say it starts next year, other side of the room please. There’s far more important things to start a civil war over. Like the price of coffee. Or why in the hell Surviver is still allowed to air. Let’s leave the calendar out of it, hmm?

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