Maple Leafs 5, Senators 0.

I was watching the local CTV Ottawa station last night, and they must have devoted about 10 minutes to just how bad it’d be if the Leafs were the ones to put a stop to Ottawa’s 11-game winning streak. And after that newscast, that’s precisely what they did. Giguere was awesome in net, not that it would have made a whole lot of difference if we’d gone with the monster instead-the awesome was happening in front of him anyway. Kessel nearly managed himself a hat trick I don’t know how many times. Schenn managed to double his season total of 2 goals in one night. And Phaneuf, well, he’s Dion Phaneuf. What the hell more do you want? Ottawa’s owned us for the better part of the last couple years. Last night? We owned them.

Last time

We hadn’t played them since before Christmas, at which point the margin was closer, but we still managed to win. I think that very well might have been the last time I thought we might be playing consistently. I still have my doubts if we are, but I’m trying very hard now to actually find that caring thing I used to do. Instead, I only find anticipation of Monday. When, as is the rule, the other shoe will probably drop. Welcome to Leafs Nation 2010, Dion. Hope your golf swing’s as good as your slapshot.

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