Maple Leafs 3, Senators 2.

This team just continues to be full of surprises. Not just any old surprises though, but surprises that actually don’t make me want to reach for the bottle of vodka sitting on Jessica’s counter. The Kessel line, including Kessel himself, is slightly less of a surprise now–they were involved, once again, in a large part of the winning efforts last night. Amazing what happens when your top line actually starts to play like your top line. Two weeks ago, we hadn’t won a single game at home. Now we’ve won four straight, including against a team who, and it leaves a god aweful taste in my mouth to admit it, owned the hell out of us for a couple years. God it feels good. And better still, I get to say something I haven’t gotten to say in quite a while. Suck it, Sens fans.

Last time

They beat a very different team a month ago, by a score identical to that with which we won last night–except the 3 was on the wrong side of the scoreboard. We hadn’t quite had our feet under us at that point–hell, I don’t even think the team had any idea which way was up at that point. They dished up not their first generous helping of crow that night. Only fair we should return the favour. I still don’t know exactly how good we were last night, but I’m damn sure we were better than a month ago. Sometimes, I absolutely love this game.

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