Maple Leafs 4, Senators 1.

Okay, so I’ve been kind of unavailable for the last… well, several days. Okay, more like a week. Okay, a week exactly. The why is coming. As for right now, it’s all about the hockey. Because I said so.

And, right now, it’s all about the Ottawa Senators, and how much excitement should be present during a game in which Toronto beats up on them but good. But, surprise of surprises, there wasn’t any. In fact, and I’m shamed to admit it, I didn’t even watch the game–okay, so part of that was to do with my unavailability. Deal with it. To me, the season’s already done. Even if Kessel managed to score his 26th goal of the year. And even if we made Ottawa’s goaltending look bad–well, okay, worse than it’s been looking. That would have been fun in November. Or next season. But right now? Back to catching up on what I missed being offline for a week.

Last time

We managed to pull something off 2 weeks ago, as well. How, I’m not sure, but we did. And, just like now, I got nothin’. Thanks for the two points, boys. Now let’s golf.

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