Senators 3, Maple Leafs 2.

Wow. We suck. Oh my god do we suck. The only one of us who’s getting any kind of consistent points here is Kessel. And if he weren’t, there’d probably be a lineup outside GM Brian Burke’s office full of gun-wielding Leafs fans. Hell, couple more nights like tonight and there might be anyway. Just how craptastic is this season so far? You need only look as far as an exerpt from Twitter last night.

Holy crap. Was that an almost goal? By Toronto? @torontomike, please tell me I’m not seeing things.
@quanin The equalizer is imminent

And then, almost right on queue, the horn sounded. And away went the chance for that equalizer. I cringe at the thought of disputing the word of a man who’s loyalty to the Leafs equals or betters my own, but… well… enough said. Is it next season yet?

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  1. If the Leafs finish last overall, is the first-round pick supposed to be a lottery pick or do the teams in teh top five worst earn automatic lottery picks?

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