She’s a goddamn drama queen.

This is what happens when I say it’s quiet around here. Freakin’ Stronach has to go flying off the handle about a comment made by Alberta’s premier. You know, I have to wonder sometimes. She wants crap like this to just kind of disappear, but then she goes and throws a hissy fit over a comment that, until she decided to make headlines with it, I’d never even heard of. And I wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t even intended to be how she took it, although that would be deserved. Sorry, but if you’re gonna be a bitch, you’re gonna be called a bitch. Why should the fact you’re one of the few women who bothered to enter politics make a difference? The only difference I see is if she wasn’t in politics, while she was busy pouting and crying on her friends’ shoulders, people might actually be getting back to things that matter. Some people’s vanity amazes me.


Apparently, he’s not planning to appologise for the comment. I dunno. Would you?


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