Apparently, he likes his drama.

Okay. So, 48 hours ago almost exactly, my brother swore up and down he was done with his bitch girlfriend, who has been given at least one honourable mention on here already. But apparently, tonight, they decide to hang out downstairs and do God only knows what that I’m very glad I’m not privy to. Well, not more than maybe 2 hours after they get here, they’re back fighting again. And, like it so often is, it’s probably over something rediculously stupid, pointless, and trivial. Then inside of 24 hours, she’ll pull some spoiled brat crap and suddenly it’s “I’m not driving you anywhere because you said I was wrong.”. Both of them are immature little bastards I’d love to just strangle and get it over with, but I really hope that doesn’t become an in-law. No, scratch that… I don’t give a shit. She’s a sucky tit and he’s too stupid to stay away from her. They deserve each other.

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