God, I hope she never has kids.

My brother’s girlfriend decided, apparently completely at random, she wanted a dog. She was warned, several dozen times, what’s involved in it… she decided to go for it anyway. Well, okay, so she knows what she’s doing… you’d think that, anyway. Not even 48 hours after she bought this dog, though, he now lives with us because, as we rather painfully found out, she doesn’t really want one. She wants it for the convenience factor… something to entertain her. But as soon as she found out there was actually a degree of responsibility involved, she dropped it like a bad habbit. So now, we have 3 dogs here, which isn’t *really* where the issue is. The issue is, now we have to take care of a dog that maybe only one of us actually wants, that being my brother. And my mom and I do more taking care of the thing than he does. I mean, yeah, his girlfriend might still kinda sorta want it. But she doesn’t live here, nor does she really do anything to help out with him. As sad as it is to say, that dog’s more than likely gonna end up going to the SPCA or something. We can’t handle him plus the two we already have. And they knew it fully when they bought the thing. But apparently, that didn’t do a damn thing to stop them. I wish I could be that irresponsible… really, I do.

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