Oh. Snap.

I haven’t had that much fun since the last time I was up to my ears in calls. Actually this time seems like it could be manageable. It’s coming up on 2:30 and we’re not drowning in people on hold, which is always a good place to start. Now I just need another minute or two to breathe and we can call it a perfect balance.

Only having an hour for lunch doesn’t leave me with a whole lot of time to apply for jobs, but I’ve been keeping my eyes pealed regardless. None of the ones I’ve applied for thus far have bothered to call me back, but like I told someone over IM this past weekend, it’s not like I’m pressed for time. I’ve got a little over a month left with this job, plus the severence package that’s coming to me so I’m good for a while yet if no one bites immediately. On the positive side though it’s timed very well. Ottawa throws a hell of a Canada day thang. I got the week off for it last year on account of having enough vacation time to pull it off. I get the time off this year on account of not working when it gets here. Can’t complain with that. So the general plan as it stands right now, stick my nose in a few places where there might be some interest, and go from there. Ideal timeline’s somewhere around the neighbourhood of mid-July or so, but I can do the flexible thing where needed. And there’s always temping; I’ve not entirely ruled out that option, either.

Apparently I have just been told. My method of transportation homeward will be driven, at her insistance, by murlyns_view. Which means I may or may not be going right home–there is talk of the possibility that I may owe her coffee and such. Reason behind it? None. Oh well. Fortunately I have literally nothing planned for tonight except, possibly, to do that thing where I’m actually in bed before midnight. Not that I expect I’ll get there, but it’s nice to have expectations and such. Now to not be so damn lazy and actually follow through. Eh, later.

And a PS: The Ottawa Citizen just called to sell me a subscription to their paper that isn’t available online and that I subsequently can’t read. They do that every 3 months. You’d think they’d just make a note…

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  1. My freshman year of college, I got a call from a guy trying to sell me the Chicago Tribune. As I am antisocial and was a freshman with a whole lot of nothing to do, I actually took the time to explain to him that I am in fact totally blind and thus can’t read a printed newspaper. He actually didn’t believe me! I literally spent almost 45 minutes on the phone with him. It was so ridiculous it was funny and thus entertaining. “Well how did you find the phone?” “Um, I heard it ring, plus I put it there in the first place.” “Well how do you use the computer,” and other such assonine completely irrelevant questions. He finally gave me to his supervisor, and she was just plain pushy. Needless to say the phone call ended soon after that. The memory still makes me giggle because of how ridiculous it was.

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