Thanks giving with the family. Or, will I snap this weekend?

Take insanity from one hell of a work week, add in a trip to Pembroke for thanks giving, a pinch of the ultimate in meladramatic families, throw in a sister-in-law I’m told has grown up a bit but still find myself seriously doubting, and what do you get? Me wondering just how many ways I can torture myself that *didn’t* cost the price of a trip to Pembroke. But, y’know, ’tis family–so ’tis my turn to take one for the team. Or for society as a whole. I haven’t decided which yet. I have, however, decided for 3:00 in the morning, it should *still* not be as busy as it is now. It’s unholy. Unnatural. I came to nights to avoid this. I didn’t avoid very well. *twitch*

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