I got nothin’.

It’s quarter to 3. I’m off at 5. And I fee like I’ve already put in 3 days of a 5 day week. This entry was supposed to just be a link dump, but I can has no links for to dump.


At least the bossfolks here haven’t collectively decided to fire my ass as of yet though. And after showing up an hour late this morning thanks largely to the occasional inadequacy of public transportation, they had perfectly valid reason to. Until tomorrow at least.


Okay, I lied. But you can’t be an asshole with an opinion without linking to that article. It’s right up there with the cab driver I had this morning adding the cost of him filling up to my bill when he dropped me off this morning. Of course had he actually made that particular mistake he’d be in the hospital right now but y’know.


This was supposed to kill time. It failed. Epicly so. I wanna go home.

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