Mondays should so be illegal.

I’m here, after much miracle of transport. Our lovely bus system has apparently lost track of time, so my getting here ended up including a taxi. Rather the pricy way to do it, but I still got here an hour earlier than I would have otherwise. And an hour later than I was supposed to be here. But in a world where they’re waiting for a reason to fire someone, that still ain’t that bad. Now, I try to survive today. Could be interesting to say the least. I’ve been falling behind most of the morning; explains the lack of my usual morning update, but methinks I’ve managed to catch up now. I should only be a mile and a half behind now for the rest of the week. But, before I left for the weekend I did predict the week would run me over. I just didn’t think it’d start immediately at 7:00 this morning. Oops.

PS: Dear life. No curve balls for a couple days, kthx.


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