Having that much fun should be illegal.

The parental units showed up, and after shooting the shit with them for a bit and showing my dad the service I use for all things income tax, we took off for teh casino. Where all 3 of us managed to spend the majority of the evening donating. It was so many degrees of awesome though. I don’t think I’ve been out that late in a *long* time. We mostly stuck to the slots, or just kinda wandered around the place. Dad contemplated the idea of playing a couple hands at the card tables, but even when he was ahead he said they still wanted too much to buy in. So that idea got rather quickly scrapped in favour of, well, exactly what we did instead. I think all things considered we didn’t do too badly though. got back to my place about quarter to 4 or there abouts (for the record, the parentals still had an hour and a half drive home after that), and I proceeded to check email, check flist, post to a community, and fall into bed, in that order. I did not move again until 10 minutes to noon; it was sweet awesomeness. I actually managed to escape, I figure, ahead a whole 10 bucks. Which was promptly made up for by buying dinner on the way home (hey, even at 3 in the goddamn morning ya gotta eat something). And now today’s to do list. Which consists of… hmm. Absolutely nothing. Check. Okay, I’m good for the weekend. Next? Survive the work week. Ah well, can’t have it all.


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