I can has break now.

Insane is probably world’s hugest understatement today. Unfortunately it’s the best description I can find. So insane sticks. People were on hold earlier today for upwards of half a fucking hour. Ignoring the ridiculousness of the idea that someone actually has that kind of time to spend on the phone, it’s *only* a computer. I actually had someone call in who ended up calling in sick for the sole purpose of fixing their computer. Uh. I’m sorry, but I can fix my own goddamn computer and I still don’t take the day off to do so. I just curse people out for it while I’m at work and then deal with it in half an hour when I get home. Thank the gods it’s starting to be more manageable now though. If that kinda tailspin kept up right up ’til 5:30, my head wouldn’t stop spinning ’til friday.

In completely random and nowhere near related news, I’ve already decided I’m so not cooking tonight. So the decision comes down to from whom shall I order. KFC is an option. So’s a local pizza joint. A coin shall be flipped. … Later.

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3 responses to “I can has break now.”

  1. oh man, that sucketh, hun.
    mm, fooood. both places are good, at least if it’s the awesome pizza place you’ve talked about before then it’s good. i haven’t tried it, so I’d go with popcorn chicken from the kernal.

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