And out and about I go.

Today, after pretty much getting caught up on admin stuff that needed catching up on, and dealing with a few more LJ children, I finally got a chance to head out and figure out exactly how much weight I’d be losing trying to get myself to and from my potential job site. It actually isn’t a whole lot different from the route I’d of taken were I still working for Dell. Except, of course, for the fact it’s on the complete and total opposite side of town, but still. It takes just as long to get from here to there by bus, and by the looks of it, the layout of the area I get off the bus is pretty similar. There are, of course, a few subtle differences in how the actual property is structured, but still, if I do wind up getting this job, shouldn’t take me a whole lot of effort to get used to that. It’s a bit of a longer walk to get from the apartment to my stop, but if I *really* wanted to play the lazy card, one of my usual stops does service a bus that stops at the new one anyway. So it doesn’t necessarily have to be any more complicated than that. Of course, that would probably require I wait upwards of half an hour for that bus, as opposed to just leaving a little earlier and waiting like 10 minutes for the one I actually have to catch, but I’ll cross that bridge when I get there. I think I’ll head out again on Thursday, just tomake sure I’ve got everything squared away mentally. Assuming they don’t call me between now and then with an offer of a position, but methinks that would be getting a little tiny bit ahead of me. If it turns out not to be something I’ll immediately use, I still know the city that much more than I did 24 hours ago. Still no loss on that front.

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