I’m back, and mostly unpacked!

And it only took me a small eternity. Seeing as it’s now 5:00 in the morning and I’ve not yet been to bed, I’ll try not to make this entry too painfully long. That said, though, I do have one thing to say right quick. Being a Toronto Maple Leafs fan, while living in Ottawa, is quite possibly the only bad thing about living in Ottawa. And only because I’ve yet to see the Leafs actually play a game since I moved here. Not that it matters really, since the games I missed seem to have been wasted efforts anyway–thanks loads, Mike, for briefly catching me up on the train wrecks that were the last 3 games or so. Hm. I start work in… not counting today, 3 days. And there is a chance I will freeze my ass off on my first day. This, compounded by a 4:30 wake-up call on said first day (by the way, uber le damn!), does not make for a truely wonderful beginning to my working experience. But, on the bright side, I get paid to sit there and listen to someone go on and on about things that probably won’t even need to be talked about for another month or so, when they actually, you know, become an issue. So, I’ll take it. Hmmm… I had more to say, but after banging my head against a wall dealing with my internet people, and staying up until now getting everything working the way it needs to be, I need sleep. And then, I need to go look over certain individuals’ blogs I have missed reading over the last week or so. There will be at least one rant later today, that’s a guarantee. But for now, I’m moved in, I’m mostly unpacked save the, like, one or two boxes sitting in my closet, and now I actually have my interweb. And now, sleep. Then cleaning. Then potentially laundry. Then ranting. Or maybe ranting then laundry. Or ranting then cleaning. I’ll figure it out later. G’night ‘n things!

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