Pick the more depressing situation.

situation 1: I’m working, and thus only actually got to watch a grand total of maybe 5 minutes of play in tonight’s hockey game–I’ll rant about *why* that is if I have time later on. Or when I get home. Or, situation 2: the game of which I only got to watch 5 minutes, or possibly less, turned into a 3 2 loss. Against Ottawa. Who we owe tow shmackings, now, after rolling over last night, too. I’m not sure whether I should be more irritated I’m now 0 for 2 so far as actually getting to watch these games, or that both of said games have been just barely losses by a goal, in OT. I think it’s a little of both. but that’s just me. And I’m looking to blame anything on them damn Senators. C’mon, any Leafs fan would. Or you’re not a real Leafs fan. And I don’t wanna hear anything from ya. 😛

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