Not how I wanted to spend a friday…

I haven’t exactly gotten all that much sleep, at least as yet. But that’s perfectly fine… I haven’t had time to think about it yet. I’d planned to go to bed about 2:30 this morning, but by 2:25 I got hit with… something. I don’t know if it was a DoS attack, a virus, or whatever, but this machine was pretty well hammered, and the network was all kinds of saturated from the resulting… whatever it was that happened. I couldn’t even bring up the google homepage. On top of that, the virus scanner I use took a pretty heavy hit, to the point where it needed to be reinstalled. Okay, no problem. Fortunately I had the instalation file on this machine from when I saved my family’s computer, so that wasn’t *too* much of a headache. Except for the fact I had to run back and forth between computers comparing information and trying to figure out how the hell I pulled it off installing it on the other one. I love Trend Micro’s virus scanner, but damn it’s a bitch to install. Finally got all that sorted out by about 7:00 this morning, thank the gods of all that is sane, and grabbed a couple hours’ snooze–it was damn well deserved! The rest of the day was pretty evenly divided up between dealing with the finer details of the afore mentioned interview with Dell, and kicking the shit out of my web host for being crappy on a day when I coulda been blogging instead of doing what I actually had to get done. And, apparently, we’re being hit with another DoS attack again… so if I can’t post this freaking thing, we know why. Bastard child that it is. But, all has been averted, at least for now, anyway. Disaster number 54000 of my online life. Sadly, closest thing to a real life I’ve got right now. At least until I’ve got me a job… *fingers crossed*

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