The computer guy strikes again.

And in true idiotic fashion, my brother decided it’d be fun to start downloading music and such without a virus scanner. Oh, sure, Limewire’s got a virus scanner built in… but does it do a thing for spyware? Or viruses that *don’t* come in through Limewire? Nope… sorry. So, the family computer spent a day or two in completely fucked up land, until I got around to finally fixing the damn thing. The browser they use ended up highjacked,, and pointed to some web page with a dialogue box that popped up warning us we had spyware. And it would keep repeating, and repeating, and repeating… real hard to get things done when you’re trying to combat with that, and it was irritating my mother to no end. So, I finally said fuck it and gave them a copy of Trend Micro’s virus scanner with built in spyware protection. It works awesome, considering. An hour after I installed the thing on their computer and tweeked the settings a little, I had that machine virtually completely clean. And without a Zango toolbar. That… was surprisingly the worst of it though, at least. Not that it makes me want to hurt the idiot brother any less, but at least now I can concentrate on seeing how many ways I can hurt him rather than how else to fix that computer. I love it when a program is all the difference it takes to solve a problem. Now, perhaps, a sledgehammer will get it through the moron’s head… there’s a reason we have virus scanners! *screams*


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