And really really quick, ‘cuz eventually, sadly, I do have to take off.

Soldier in Afghanistan accidentally calls parents in the middle of a battle. Uh. Oopsies? Me be thinkin so.

  1. Not that I’ll ever be in a battle, but if I were, the cel would be, um, off? Hehehehehehehe!

    1. Just off? I was thinking more like, um, not on my person. If he needed to get word out for something it’s not like they don’t have options. LOL

  2. Wow!


    To say I feel awfull for the parents of that guy is more than the understatement of a life time!

    Why one would have the cell during a battle is uncomprehendable to me, but then again my logic is spotty at best?


    1. Re: Wow!

      Your logic is, at least here, every bit as good as mine. Which… is to say it’s not completely flakey.

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