International woops day, perhaps?

Idiots a-plenty. And as I’ve often maintained, they will systematically be eliminated from the gene pool. Idiot number 1: New York City pimpinator. Bad idea: being caught in the middle of a prostitution ring with topic of things like, you know, elections in the wind. On behalf of Canadians everywhere, if that’s what the US gets to vote for, I’m sorry.


Windows Vista’s been flopping since day 1, and already Microsoft’s got its eye on the rather creatively named Windows 7. So do the antitrust people from Europe. What ever happened to letting the first failed experiment be forgotten first? Guess not.


And the media states the obvious again, again making it official. People depend way too much on wireless crapola. Said it before, either over IM or in person, step away from the crackberry. I’ll freely admit, I carry my cell phone around with me; it’s in my pocket right now. Primarily though, it serves 2 purposes. If I’m expecting an important phone call, or if I need to figure out exactly why in hell the bus is 10 minutes late *this* time. One of these days I’ll post a general communication with me policy, maybe. But it stands to reason if I want to hear from you at a given time, you’ll have means to get a hold of me at a given time. If it’s a life or death emergency and you’re not pretty much right in Ottawa, call someone else. Not much I can do for ya here anyway.


I have just received, speaking of way too much communication, 3 emails in the span of 10 minutes at my work address. None of them have anything to do with me, and 1 is an opening for a bilingual L2 position. I don’t speak French. I don’t choose to speak French. I am now mildly irritated.

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