At least it was only 2 bucks.

So we finally got around to trying to get in and see Untraceable last Tuesday, except thanks largely to the fact poor Trish is currently minus a vehicle, we were left at the mercy of OC Transpo, whom I’ve bitched about on an occasion or two on here. Now, not that there’s a single problem with the bus system at all–cough, cough–but I still suspect that they’re the sole reason why we missed by like 10-15 minutes the actual start of the movie. Suckitude galore, seeing as that one was supposed to be pretty good. At least judging by what I’ve been able to pick up on it. Instead, we decided to see I am Legend (sorry, no IMDB linkage for this one, which is rather odd) instead. It was… well, meh. Best way to describe it. It’s a Will Smith movie, so anyone who’s watched I, robot or Independence Day pretty much knows what to expect. Sadly I, Robot is probably one of his better movies. Though props do go out to the fact his character actually dies in I am Legend. Really though, as odd as it was to see him take on a more serious role than anything he’s done in, say, either of the two movies I’ve linked to aside from that one, I think that also went towards knocking the movie down a couple coolness points. Nearly the movie’s only saving grace was the fact it was actually one of the more believeable zombie movies I’ve seen. And far enough away that it’s almost realisticly possible something like it could happen. Official decision from the opinionated jackass: we should have gone to see Untraceable. I’d watch I am Legend if it came out on TV, but um, I wouldn’t pay for it. Wonder if there’s a torrent for it on the intarwebz. Further investigation is required.

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