I left work nearly 12 hours ago.

I’m back at work now. I’m off at 7:00 tonight, barring another 10.5 hour day. Uh, crap on a cracker? The hours I’m billing Dell for are gonna be bloody well insane…
Ladies and gentlemen. When I left work yesterday, it was snowing like hell. There is more snow in Ottawa’s forecast for today. Somebody up there is intent on pissing me off. And it’s thinking about working.
Can someone please tell me, just once, why it is the Writers Guild of America was holding out and being a bunch of royal panzies for the sake of higher royalties to have material streamed over the internet? Are they, perhaps, not aware that if the TV stations weren’t doing it, some other generous soul with a nack for getting his hands on free content–not me, RIAA/MPAA, relax–would just do it instead? I mean, not that I haven’t thought about it. But really, if that’s the only reason they’re striking, which is sort of what the article in question’s leading me to believe, it is making me contemplate perhaps watching significantly less actual TV content than I already do. Realisticly, I only have a TV right now so I can watch hockey and/or baseball. And since my team’s biting the suckitude bullet something fierce, it’s going to end up just being baseball. At least this year. And hey, that I can probably get online, too!
The computer they have me working on at the office has developed a habbit of randomly and inexplicably restarting without warning. No error message, no blue screen, no notta. Just I’m in the middle of typing/reading/whatever, and then kerpoof. I bitched a little about that last night. And I’m still thinking about taking the bitching to our I/T folks and flat out giving them the option. Give me access to something as uber basic/simple/non-retarded as MSConfig and let me tell you what the hell’s wrong with this thing. That way all you need to do is replace the faulty component I know exists, and then get out of my hair. I wish I could work in I/T…
It has been decided. OC Transpo isn’t *all* evil. I only took an hour and 15 minutes or so to get here today. An improvement, really, over a week ago. I’m… not quite to the point of irritated. Yet.
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