And still employed is me!

Just about nothing scares me nowadays. I mean, hell, I live in a city where a guy could quite easily kick the royal crap out of you in broad daylight as though it wasn’t broad daylight. But I was, well, just a tiny bit concerned when the guy I was getting a ride into work with on Wednesday called me up and his first question to me was, “So, are we still employed?”. Of course, 5 minutes after we got there he got his walking papers, so I was understandably just a little uh oh. Dell ended up cancelling the building of a second buildinig here, and I seriously thought they were considering closing this one–they did, after all, just slam the door on the one in Edmonton. Apparently though, instead of that, they’re just axing my department and shifting us all over to doing actual hardware related tech support. I hate hardware related tech support. There’s no actual work involved in it. “Okay, try this. Didn’t work, okay run this diagnostic. Did it go ding ding? Cool. I’ll replace your hard drive now.” As a girl my mom used to work with said, absolute crap on a cracker. Although, I suppose, it’s still better than if I’d followed the periodic proddings and moved to Edmonton…


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