Let’s see how well this new resume pays off.

I fired off an application for a position at one of Dell Canada’s Ottawa offices last night. IT’s for an entry level tech support job, pretty much, and they’re not looking for any insane amount of education it doesn’t look like… they *prefer* at least a year’s experience in the field, which I’ve got thanks largely to the fact I work in a tech support equivalent department for A Call to Duty Roleplaying. Yeah, so it’s not an actual business and such along the same lines as what I’m applying for. It’s still applicable so far as work experience goes, if only on a volunteer basis. I’m just kind of hoping Dell sees it that way, too, or I’m probably gonna be up shit’s creak without a paddle. It’s an entry level position, so it *shouldn’t*, in theory, matter. But that’s theory. And my theories usually blow up in my face after about 5 minutes. We shall see.


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